Our Team

Meet our team!


Vaibhav is our President. This is his third year doing YLP. Some of Vaibhav's hobbies are reading and playing the violin.


Vibha is our Event Manager. This is her third year doing YLP. Vibha enjoys reading and drawing in her free time..


Daksh is our President of Marketing. This is his second year doing YLP. Daksh enjoys playing video games, and soccer.


Saisha is our Finance Manager. This is her third year doing YLP. Saisha loves to sing, and be with her friends in her spare time.


Vishnu is our Website Manager. This will be his second year doing YLP. Vishnu likes to read and play outside in his free time.


Veda is our Communications Manager. This is her second year doing YLP. Veda has a pet dog named Simba and also likes blue sour patch kids.


Richa Misra

Richa is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School, who first got introduced to the YLP program last year. Outside of school, Richa herself enjoys public speaking and helping others through clubs such as Model United Nations and tutoring.

Arjun Aggarwal

A freshman in the University of Maryland, Arjun is one of the mentors of the YLP team. With 6 years of debating experience, Arjun was essential in teaching and helping the YLP team last year. He was able to introduce us the basics of debate, which helped our leadership skills.


Parineeta is a freshman at Chantilly High school. This is her first year mentoring the team.


Tias Kundu

Tias has over 15 years of industry experience, her passion for public speaking had developed over those years. She is very passionate working with kids and has led other clubs such as Science Olympiad, First Lego League, and many others.

Al Rivera

Al Rivera has over 35+ years of experience with leadership, coaching, and mentoring. A decorated 27-year military veteran, he successfully led high functioning teams successfully achieve strategic, operational, and tactical mission, vision, and objectives in three separate military campaigns.

Mallik Boda

Mallik Boda has a Juris Doctor and Masters in computer engineering. He believes that public speaking, volunteering, and leadership are essential traits needed for kids to achieve their goals and make a difference in the society.

Find out more at our site https://www.speaktolead.org/