Youth Leadership Program

What's YLP?

YLP stands for Youth Leadership Program. When we do YLP we learn leadership skills, and how to communicate effectively. Our team name is "Speak to Lead". We are hoping that with this career fair we can make a difference in our community, bring everyone together, and help those in need while having fun.

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The intent of YLP

The intent of YLP is to help one get better at,

Communication skills-> Verbal, Written, Public speaking, Persuasive speaking

Leadership skills-> Learn to recognize our voice and make a positive impact to our community

Most importantly, we grow by having lots of fun and collaborating as a team!


Every year we set a goal for ourselves to make a positive impact to the community. In 2020, we held a virtual talent show. We raised $1,300. The proceedings of this event went to a charity called, Save the Children. Click here to watch the talent show recording on Facebook.

Last year, our goal was to support Shelter House by donating the proceedings from our event. We raised $6,000, and donated to Shelter House as well as Nova Labs! This wouldn't have been possible without all of your generous donations and support! Click here to visit our website from last year.

This year, our goal is to support (insert charities) by donating the proceedings from our event. We cannot do this without your support! Please donate, and come to (location) to have loads of fun at our event!

Public Speaking

Throughout the year, we would learn new skills and practice them every week. We would have fun activities to boost our learning while having a good time. Some examples of fun activities were different topics that we had to make speeches about on the spot during meetings. These public speaking skills also boosts our leadership and confidence.


While we were doing well public speaking, we also learned a new skill that we would use for almost the rest of the year: Debate. We would base our debates on actual conflicts or controversial topics going on presently in the world. We had a high school senior with experience teach and judge us in our debates, and we were very successful with him.

Giving Back to the Community

After all of this, we used these new skills we had learned to give back to the community by hosting a carnival. Our goal was the raise as much money possible from it to donate to a non-profit organization. To keep this as a tradition, we are now going to do this once again, but with a different non-profit organization.

Supporting SEVA International

Supporting Shelter House at DMV event

Supporting Mobile Hope at clothing/food bus drive