Hands on activities and booths with demos and STEAM experiments.

Conducted by local STEAM organizations

  • Project Caelus

  • Nova Labs

Clubs, teachers and students from three school districts

  • Fairfax County Public Schools

  • Loudon County Public Schools

  • Spotsylvania County Public Schools

Project Caelus is a nonprofit organization run by students of Thomas Jefferson HS. The mission of Project Caelus is to design, build, test, and launch a bipropellant liquid-fueled rocket to the edge of space.

Project Caelus believes in creating opportunities that introduce young kids to the ever-growing aerospace industry and teaching the community about the importance of STEM education in an increasingly technological world.

Liquid Fueled Rocket

Same Rocket going to launch to edge of space

Collaborative Coding

Bottle Rockets experiment

Make your own rocket learning about chemistry.

STEAM activities

Nova Labs is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer run makerspace located in the City of Fairfax, VA.

Rediscover the Joy of Making Things!

Hands on STEAM activities


3D printer in action
Wind Tunnel

Nova Labs Robotics

Learn about STEM, FRC/FIRST programs,
Robots shooting foam balls

Bach to Rock - South Riding Team

DJ for the event with musical petting zoo

Learn to play various instruments

Young Scholars Circle

Learn about TJHSST admissions

Writing Workshops. Small group test prep for: TJHSST (7th & 8th), Iowa Algebra Test Prep (5th & 6th), Cogat & NNAT ((1st & 2nd)

Robo Loco Robotics team - LCPS

Learn about STEM, FRC/FIRST programs, our outreach efforts, how we build our robot, and complete a life-sized pseudocode maze

Courtland HS rocket club

Courtland HS rocket club from SCPS will introduce and involve kids in various STEM activities.